The Author

I am a proud and passionate network engineer, born and raised in Brazil, originally in the tropical northeast coast and later on in the south of the country. By the age of seventeen I was attending my firsts network engineering graduation classes, notably: object oriented programming, network protocols, operating systems and digital electronics. It did not take long for me to get involved in small academic projects, internships and the Cisco Networking Academy itself, initially as a student, later as a tutor. At the age of twenty-three I left the south hemisphere by moving to The Netherlands in a completely unplanned manner. A decision which I do not regret, despite of all the questions such as: “Don’t you miss the good Brazilian weather?”. No, I certainly do not.

Since I am definitively not done with network engineering, I currently dedicate a great deal of my time to studying topics like high availability, redundancy, BGP, IPv6, VXLAN, automation and virtualization. Scripting and web development are my secondary passion, and in this field Python happened to be my favorite tool. I tend to organize and categorize all code I write into private repositories under a Git account. Lately I have been involved with a considerable variety of storage flavors, from NetApp boxes to Ceph [Object Storage] clusters. Although that was never my focus, I must admit that I am totally attracted to these toys.

Besides working, my free time can be divided into: watching series, studying Dutch, taking photographs with my Nikon or simply travelling around Europe, discovering new places and specially new dishes. I am food lover.

The blog

Here I intend to write about whatever comes across my mind. I will try to keep the focus on technical topics, however, you can expect anything. Do not be startled by random things like “swearing in Dutch”, “long exposure nocturne photography” or even a risotto recipe. This is a textual representation of my own universe and interests.


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